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Coming to the realization that you or a loved one is suffering from a significant substance abuse problem can be a difficult process. Luckily, there are proven and effective means of coping with this unique life challenge. Crystal Cove Recovery drug rehab centers use state-of-the-art, scientifically proven means of treating addiction. Our drug addiction recovery program in Fresno, California provides our clients the highest chances of living a drug-free life.

Addiction recovery begins with the recognition of the problem. This does not have to do with the physical dependence, it is ridding yourself of denial. Once you have done that, you will have taken the first step in recovery.

But for those who have proceeded to become physically dependent on substances, indicating a late state of addiction, the most important step, after recognizing the illness itself, is to begin detoxification. Our drug detox clinic in Fresno will guide the client through this potentially dangerous process, allowing them to maintain the maximum level of comfort and fully rid their body of substances. Being completely free of circulating drugs in the bloodstream is imperative to beginning a drug treatment program. Without properly undergoing detox, the client will be almost certainly relapse, rendering all other efforts a waste of time, money and effort.

Once detoxified, the client will enter our substance abuse treatment facility in Fresno for mental health screening. Diagnosing any underlying mental health condition in the setting of drug rehabilitation is referred to as a dual diagnosis. Over the last few decades, dual diagnosis has increasingly been recognized for its importance in the treatment of addiction. Studies have shown that up to 50 percent of those suffering from substance use disorders have serious underlying psychiatric conditions. These people often engage in what mental health professionals call self-medication. For these people, substance abuse may be an effort to relieve themselves from the acute mental illnesses. Without dual diagnoses, these clients would stand little chance of attaining lasting sobriety.

But not all clients who have substance abuse issues also suffer from comorbid mental conditions. This is an important point in differentiating treatment courses. Clients suffering from recognizable mental illness will be put through a program that also focuses on the treatment of the underlying condition, whereas those with no obvious signs of significant mental illness will follow a more standard treatment program. However, in our experience, it is crucial to recognize the differences between different dual diagnoses, as someone suffering from a major psychiatric illness may be abusing substances for wholly different reasons than someone who is psychologically stable.

Once the dual diagnosis has been made, the client will enter the main drug rehab facility. They will notice that the addiction recovery center is set up as a community. This is because the addiction treatment facility is designed to facilitate community-based interaction. Forming strong social bonds and a sense of communal purpose, namely, the attainment of lasting sobriety, forms an integral part of our treatment regimen. Through the creation of positive social bonds and positive peer group pressure, our clients see dramatically improved success rates over their treatment programs.

The addiction treatment facility is also a place of safety and security. This is not just true in the physical senses of those words. It is also true emotionally. Clients will be immersed in a positive social environment where they are encouraged to talk freely and act completely themselves. Our addiction recovery facility in Fresno, California will be a place where the client doesn’t need substances to feel comfortable being themselves.