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Treatment for Addiction

Are you addicted to illegal drugs and/or alcohol? Were you prescribed painkillers for an injury or illness and now you cannot stop taking them? We can help if you are suffering from addiction. Our addiction recovery facility in Danville, Illinois has the resources and knowledge to take care of you while you are battling your demons.

Knowing the Signs of Addiction

Addiction isn’t something that develops overnight or is passed from one person to another. Generally, a person is at risk for addiction and begins to abuse drugs, which leads to the dependence. Avoiding that path is the most important step to take when you want to get sober, or stepping off of your path into Crystal Cove Recovery when you know there is a problem. Addiction often starts with experimental use and becomes worse over time. The addict starts craving the substance and the high it gives them, ultimately requiring more and more to achieve the same feeling. However, it isn’t always easy to recognize a problem. Our addiction treatment center in Danville is here to show you what you are struggling with and what we can do to help you beat this once and for all.

What to Expect at our Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction is unique to each person. The people who tries to go through addiction recovery alone usually relapses. You shouldn’t make this same mistake. We offer tailored treatment plans to every client who comes to our substance abuse treatment facility. When you choose an addiction recovery plan that is geared specifically towards your needs, you are more likely to succeed. We want you to feel completely safe and comfortable when you are part of our addiction recovery center in Danville and we will do our best to maintain that feeling for your whole stay.

How We Handle Detoxification

Our staff will put your safety first when it comes to detox services in our Danville addiction recovery center. No one should detox without the necessary supervision of a trained and caring professional. We have staff on call every day and every night for our clients in active withdrawal. When you are at our Danville addiction recovery program, we care about how you feel and what you need. Crystal Cove Recovery will do what we can to make your symptoms lessen as the toxins leave your body.

Therapy Solutions

Many facilities employ a one-size-fits-all therapy approach, but we do not. Our addiction treatment facility in Danville, Illinois will cater your therapy sessions to what you need the most. To begin, we will discuss any mental or mood disorders you may have, in a private setting. Most of our clients have an underlying issue that plays a major role in their drug addiction. Our drug detox clinic is here to help with whatever mood disorder you may have. It is important to make screen every client for a dual diagnosis mental health issue and we will make sure that you take part in therapy that addresses your certain issue.

We also offer group and family therapy for our clients while they are a part of our addiction recovery program. You’ll receive support within your own community when you participate in a group setting. Many of our clients leave our clinic with life-long friends who they can lean on for support when things get rough.

Aftercare within Our Facility

It would be simple if a two-to-four week program was enough to get you off of drugs and on with your life. In some cases, it is enough. But for most of our clients, aftercare services are a major part of their life once they leave the program. We will set you up with continued therapy and support when you leave our clinic to ensure you always have the care you need on the outside.